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24.09.2014 | The Aerification is necessary.

Consider also that aerification is merely a short-term disruption that has long-term benefits for golf courses. When you see them, remember that without those little holes, the greens would eventually...
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07.08.2014 | Morning Fog

Please be informed that morning fogs may appear during autumn. It may cause delay of the tee times in the morning.
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04.07.2014 | 20th anniversary celebration at Golf Resort Karlst

Golf Resort Karstejn celebrated its 20th anniversary on June 15th, 2014...
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24.06.2014 | PIN POSITIONS

Please be informed, that we prepared small alteration of PIN Position on our golf course.
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07.05.2014 | Aerification of the green

Aerification of the green
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02.05.2014 | Aerificate of the greens

We would like to inform you, that during next month we will aerificate.
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02.05.2014 | Recommeded HCP for the master tees.

Please be informed, that from 1st of May we changing the HCP on the master tees.
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