Rules of Operation

Rules of golf approved by RAGC in St. Andrews, Scotland, USGA and local rules apply.

All players have to register at the reception before their round.

Do not enter the golf course with dogs or other animals.

Do not enter the golf course with baby prams or baby trollers.

Wear appropriate clothing according to golf etiquette and shoes with soft spikes only.

Pace of the play

Time limit for 18 holes is 4 hours and 40 minutes.

Should the game be repeatedly delayed by the group, the group may be penalised or banished from the hole or from the golf course (rule number 6–7). The Green Fee will not be refunded.

Golf Course

Distances on the golf course are measured by coloured stakes, as follows:

white – 200 m, yellow – 150 m, red – 100 m, blue – 50 m.

  • Always correct the pitch marks on the Green.
  • Repair divots.
  • Do not throw away cigarette ends.
  • Do not play practice shots on Tees.
  • Rake sand in the bunkers after you have played the ball.
  • Do not drive trolleys on Tees.
  • It is forbidden to play with practice balls.

Golf Carts

Carts can be driven only by persons older than 18 years.

Follow the navigation signs.

Do not drive the carts closer than 20 meters to Greens or Tees.

Max. 2 persons and their equipment could ride on one golf cart.

Do not drive with carts on Tees.


MEN: White – hcp 8,0 and lower, Yellow – hcp 8,1–54

WOMEN: Blue – hcp 12,0 and lower, Red – hcp 12,1–54 and children under 12 years