Protected nature area of „Český Kras“

Karlstejn Golf Resort is located on the protected nature area of „Český Kras“ (PACK). The decree was promulgated in 1972 and covers an area of 128 km2. This is an area on the old limestone rock base with significant and characteristic karst phenomena, with preserved ecosystems such as thermophilic oak and oak-hornbeam forests, rocky steppe and forest steppe, places and limestone rubble with many species of flora and fauna, including species protected by law.

The golf course is situated close to the Nature Reserve "Voškov" and offers, from the entire area, wonderful views of the National Nature Reserve "Karlštejn", located on the rugged wooded area on the left bank of the river Berounka. It is considered one of the most beautiful reserves in the Czech Republic and, a few years ago, has deservedly become a "holder" Diploma of the Council of Europe.

Society for the Development of Czech Karst

Society for the Development of the Bohemian Karst ( was founded in 2003 by the professionalisation of the Association of Friends of the Czech Karst. Its aim is to create and provide support for the implementation of regional projects aimed at sustainable development of the Bohemian Karst and improving conditions for cooperation between the various interest groups with an emphasis on support for nature and landscape protection. The Society for the Development of the Bohemian Karst works closely with the Administration of PACK and other organizations. It focuses mainly on events for professionals and the general public (seminars, meetings of Citizens Day in the park), support for science and research in the PACK (support for undergraduate students, publications) and "field projects" (cycling, nature trails reconstruction).

Golf Resort Karlštejn, Inc., through management of the golf course, actively participates in the broader area of regional sustainable development policy of PACK. It collaborates with the Administration of the Czech Karst, and is an associate member of the Society for the Development of the Czech Karst. Financially and organizationally participates in events to promote sustainable development and protection of nature and landscape in the region. In 2003, it organised, with the support of the Foundation VIA and Alitalia, the designated organization seminar called "Golf courses in protected areas".