Local rules

Time limit for 18 holes: 4 hours 40 minutes

Unless otherwise advised, the USGA rules of golf apply.

1. Bounds of the golf course are defined by white stakes, white lines, and by fences of the driving range.

2. Immovable obstructions – anything artificially made such as fixed parts of the irrigation and draining system (sprinkler heads, valve boxes, electricity protection pipes, surface drainage ditch, timber or sleeper sitting at the edge of bunkers, drain ditch), waste baskets, benches and parts of the public information and advertisement system, wooden paling, surface roads and concrete drains. Obstructions providing protection of young trees and plantations. Components of electronic or telecommunication systems. A wooden porch in between holes 4 and 5. Relief: drop of the ball without penalty according to rule 24/2b (immovable obstruction).

3. Wooden chips (red-brown colour) used as a mulching and decorative surface are considered to be a material left on the course, which is not going to be dispatched. It is not considered to be ground that is under repair and no relief applies.

4. Stones in bankers are movable obstructions (rule 24–1 applies).

5. Drop zone on hole number 14 is located in front of the women’s teeing ground.

6. The club house as well as a summer terrace and waterworks on hole number 14 are integral parts of the golf course.

7. Unless otherwise advised, golf carts during the tournament with cannon start, should be used only for transfer to far-away holes before the tournament starts.

8. It is forbidden to use mobile phones, unless in case of an emergency. The penalty for breaching the rule is given by the referee/ marshal.

9. All golf players as well as their company are obliged to obey Marshall instructions during the game. In case of a breach of these instructions, the player may be penalised or banished from the hole or from the golf course.